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A mini facelift, just like the word “mini” implies, is a smaller facelift procedure than the actual facelift. Whereas a full facelift addresses the areas of the lower face as well as the neck, those who still have a good, young-looking neck, would be able to benefit from just a mini facelift, as this procedure focuses solely on the lower portions of the face, not including the neck. Those who are concerned about the sagging lower portions of their face, called the jowls, would be pleased to know that a simple mini facelift can solve that problem.
During a mini facelift less of the underlying tissue is cut and there are smaller incisions in the process. As a result, recovery time is usually quicker and scarring can be minimal from a mini facelift procedure than after a full facelift procedure. While performing a mini facelift Dr. Miller will focus on tightening and supporting the muscles and underlying tissues in the lower face, where they used to be dragging and drooping. He will not cause your features to look too pulled, seeming unnatural. The result will be natural – a face with all of its traits properly balanced and in proportion to each other.

Mini Facelift Near Me

If you are looking for a “mini facelift near me,” then Tulsa Plastic Surgery is the right place for you to have a mini facelift procedure of your dreams. A mini facelift is not as invasive as a full facelift procedure. If you are not as concerned about tightening your neck as you are concerned about getting rid of that loose and sagging skin on the lower portions of your face, along the jawline and lower cheeks (referred to as the jowls) then you should consider a mini facelift.

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Mini Facelift Cost – Mini Facelift Price

You may be wondering “What does a mini facelift cost?” or “What is the mini facelift price?” The amount, of course, differs based on the region of the country where you have your mini facelift procedure done. Our prices are affordable when compared to certain generally pricier regions of the country (such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Tampa). Here at Tulsa Plastic Surgery we offer different financing options to cover your mini facelift you’ve been desiring to have for a long time.

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Mini Facelift Cost Near Me

If you’re searching on the internet for a “Mini facelift cost near me,” we have your solution. Look no further! Here in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the number one plastic surgery center is Tulsa Plastic Surgery. When it comes to cost, we offer affordable financing solutions for all of our patients.

Since we are located in the southern region of the country where things can be more gracious financially (as compared to the eastern and western regions of the U.S.), you may find our prices are lower and more budget-friendly here at Tulsa Plastic Surgery than if you were to travel to get your mini facelift procedure elsewhere, especially to the East or West Coast of America. Many times people take a trip to a completely different state to be seen by a physician based on his/her credentials, years of successful practice in their specialty area, and the many success stories. With us you get not only all of the above positives, when you choose Dr. Arhibald Miller as your physician to perform your mini facelift procedure, but you also have the added benefit of Southern, more affordable, prices.

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Call our office today and speak to one of our friendly team members who will help you setup a free consultation

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!


Call our office today and speak to one of our friendly team members who will help you setup a free consultation

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