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About Restylane Tulsa

Did you know that Restylane Tulsa is the first and only FDA-approved product for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years? Though plastic surgeons often safely & effectively utilize Juvederm for lip enhancement, it’s technically an “off-label” application. Restylane has been used in millions of patients for millions of treatments, such as… filling wrinkles and creases around the mouth reducing the appearance of “dark circles” under the eyes

To reveal a younger-looking you, Dr. Arch Miler artistically adds Restylane to areas of the face for added volume or fullness–always with the goal of a more youthful, natural-looking face.

For centuries, artists have used the Divine Proportion to create harmony and balance.

For lips, this Divine Proportion translates into a guideline that the upper lip should be about 40% of the total height of the lips, and the bottom lip should be about 60%.

Like many people, you may want fuller lips.

While lipsticks and lip plumpers can temporarily enhance lip contours and fullness, they offer only limited and fleeting results. Truly effective lip enhancement requires a professional-grade product administered by a trained healthcare professional. If you and our expert plastic surgery team agree it’s the right choice, Restylane can add fullness and definition to your lips, with an aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking result. Lips that say “you”–beautiful and just the way you want them.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Sometimes there is a darker pigmentation of skin below the eye area, but not that often. In the experience of Dr. Miller, the most common cause of a dark appearance beneath the eyes is actually shadowing. The entire face is a curvy landscape that’s comprised of convex and concave surface areas–ogee curves–that reflect light or cast shadows. The eye area has an ogee curve, and you can think of it as a hill-valley-hill, and this valley portion is, of course, what often appears as shadowed or as having “dark circles.”

Restylane Tulsa is often an excellent choice for specific areas of the face, including the lower eyelid area.

Like Juvederm, Restylane is an FDA approved hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, so Dr. Miller are confident in its safety profile.

Four things you’ll probably love about Restylane and other HAs is:

  1. It’s a complex sugar (poly-disaccharide) that occurs naturally in your body–your eyes, skin, etc.–so it’s safe to use **by properly trained hands**
  2. Being a natural substance, we are able to reverse the effects of Restylane. HAs are “fail safe” in that they can be dissolved & reversed if the patient wishes to do so
  3. And what’s best is that HAs–Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Perlane, and the new Voluma–can all work wonderfully well for the face, including the eyes, forehead, and mouth area.
  4. Fillers last the longest in areas of the face that move the least, so the effects of Restylane may last 12+ months when placed along the tear trough, under the eyes.

There is no “best filler” nor are the HA fillers “made equal,” so as a patient you are relying upon the “expert physicians” to choose an HA product that best suits your unique face and your specific goal. Restylane is specially formulated, and has a unique characteristic that differs from Juvederm, so it’s important to know precisely WHERE to place each product and in WHAT volume.

For Example,
Restylane is a “stiffer” & more cohesive gel than Juvederm, so it holds its shape and structure better than the “less-stiff” Juvederm gel. Why? The simple science is water retention: Juvederm holds more water than Restylane, and therefore produces a puffier and softer effect than the slightly more rigid Restylane. Juvederm injected into the lower eyelid area will therefore hold more water and POSSIBLY produce the look of puffy eyes. Placed within the creases that run along the sides of the mouth (the marionette lines), Juvederm’s diffuse effect nicely “puffs up” that area for smoother skin, and ultimately a younger-looking mouth.

Doesn’t Every Doctor, Dentist, Nurse and Med Spa Technician Inject Restylane and Other HA Fillers?

It does sometimes seem like the wild west of medicine. Choose experience & expertise over price promotions, especially when it comes to your eyes. Precise knowledge of eye anatomy is extremely important.

For Example,
If the injector does not know exactly WHERE to place the product–whether it’s Restylane or Juvederm–because they have not operated on the face and know the intricacies of facial anatomy, then there’s a possibility of the HA gel being placed too close to the skin surface. This superficial injection may lead to what plastic surgeons refer to as the Tyndall effect.

The Tyndall effect, or Tyndall scattering, is a slight bluish discoloration that could last a year or longer in patients who received an injection of Restylane or Juvederm just below the skin surface, rather than at a deeper anatomic level. This bluish hue is caused by a similar effect as the blue-colored sky: light is refracted as it passes through a clear medium (whether it’s atmosphere or clear gel).

Correctable? Yes. As stated earlier, HAs are natural substances that can be dissolved & reversed if the patient wishes to do so, using an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is not inexpensive, so all the more reason to choose experience & expertise over price promotions, especially when it comes to your eyes.

If You’re Curious About How Restylane Works…

…HA is a gel-like substance that’s hydrophilic (hydro: water; -philic: loving = water loving) and “holds” or “retains” water. This water retention is what produces the look we desire, which is a smoother, fuller and more youthful looking face. The term “hyaluronic acid” is actually a misnomer, as it’s NOT an acid. HA is a long chain of sugars (poly-disacchride) that comprises much of the connective and structural tissue in our bodies–particularly our skin.

Also, it’s important for you to keep in mind that Restylane’s cohesiveness/stiffness can make it more prone to producing a bump or bumpiness beneath the skin surface. Because of this characteristic quality, Restylane should be carefully molded and slightly massaged beneath the skin (by your injector) as soon as it’s injected–this is an important step in the process and can help ensure that you’re happy with the smooth results Restylane CAN provide.

Who Performs the Injections at Tulsa Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Arch Miller is among the very few surgeons in all of Tulsa who perform ALL of their injections. Why? It’s a fair question, since we have several skilled aestheticians on our team, as well as a specially-certified registered nurse with over 40-years experience.

Our reasoning is this: when you entrust your face, body, or any priceless part of yourself to a medical professional, we believe you deserve the highest level of medical expertise. It’s more profitable to have someone other than Dr. Miller performs these types of procedures, so it’s certainly not about money. Tulsa Plastic Surgery’s highly trained and skilled doctor knows there’s no substitute for their 12+years specialty training at highest levels of medical care. At Tulsa Plastic Surgery we genuinely believe each patient deserves this highest level of care–even for non-surgical options, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Botox, and other procedures where experience and expertise truly matter.

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Call our office today and speak to one of our friendly team members who will help you setup a free consultation

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